Try to Avoid These Common Commercial Office Move Mistakes

Like most things in life, there is more than one way to get things done. Making a business location move, for example, or upgrading or reconfiguring your office space layout with new furniture or cubicle work stations can be approached many different ways, and of course, some will work out better than others.

If you’re presently planning a move or workspace space upgrade, this post is offered to potentially help you avoid a few common commercial move or furniture upgrade mistakes. And these mistakes could potentially cost your business time, money, and some unpleasant unforeseen headaches. Here are three for you to begin thinking about.
Three Business-Space Moves, Adds or Changes Mistakes

    • Not realizing how much is involved in the commercial space upgrade or relocation process. You may think there’s not that long a list of things to prepare for and do before a major move, add, or change. However, it is advisable to think again as a lot more can go into just moving or reconfiguring a few quad cubicles than you might think. For example, you have to carefully do your space planning; pick the best time to do the work; choose an experienced moving and/or installation company;potentially contact your business’ vendors and clients to let them know you’re moving; coordinate employee work space changes; order new furniture; purge the clutter and equipment in your existing space; consider temporary warehousing needs; and of course much more. There’s simply a lot to do.

      Begin thinking about all of this as soon as possible, and find an experienced outside company with the years of experience and expertise to guide you through the whole process.

    • Not enough time left to properly plan your office furniture move, reconfiguration, or upgrade. To properly execute your major office space move, adds, or changes will typically take a lot more time and effort than you think. Detailed planning with some expert service providers can dramatically help increase the odds that everything happens as you hoped that it would (keeping in mind that Mother Nature, staff changes, delivery errors, and such things are always possible). So don’t procrastinate. As soon as you know that you have a project on the horizon, start planning. When your business is left with too little time to thoroughly plan your office equipment and furniture move, adds, or changes, it’s a business disrupt-er in the making.
    • Not choosing professional commercial relocation specialists for the move. Your goal is to move or make a major change in the use of your office space furniture and cubes. Maybe you think it would be easier to just plan a big move day and rally the staff under a project manager and have them systematically in an organized fashion move their designated stations over to the new office or space. Or why not just hire a local mover like Two Guys and a Truck? If you have all of your employees move their computer monitors, laptops, printers, scanners and all other expensive IT equipment, you run the risk of these items being damaged. What about insurance? Things get dropped, left in hot cars, weren’t wrapped properly, and the list of possible issues goes on and on. By hiring a professional office installation moving company, you can ensure that they have done this before many times, have the references to prove it, operate under a relevant/appropriate contract, carry the right kind of insurance, etc., etc. etc. It’s absolutely worth the time, research effort, and money to find a professional commercial office installation and moving company. Don’t take the risk of doing it yourself or just hiring some local residential moving firm. Your business, and employees are too important to disrupt or put at risk.


Some Things to Consider “Asking For” When Hiring an Office Installation Company

    • Their team members’ credentials
    • Work experience for the team members
    • Testimonials related to previous work
    • Project manager in permanent employment (not subcontracted)
    • Management team is fully accessible
    • Biographies of management team provided

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